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Lyft driver #1: So, what are you studying at USF?

Me: Nursing.

"Ah, that’s a noble profession. Good for you."

Thank you. 

Lyft driver #2: What’s your major?

Me: Nursing

"Nice. My cousin went to USF for nursing. He works in the ICU now and he just bought a $1 million home."

Wow, that’s awesome.

"Yeah, he’s a hard worker. He worked for it."


One more semester until I can start clinical and fully immerse myself in the program. I’m nervous, but I’m also excited. 

Apr 9

Read Jayson Greene's Best New Reissue review of Mobb Deep’s classic 1995 album The Infamous.


Read Jayson Greene's Best New Reissue review of Mobb Deep’s classic 1995 album The Infamous.

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Apr 8

17 Brutal Realities Of Being A College Student In 2014

So, like, if you know me, I hate posting shit like this especially from websites like “Thought Catalog,” but this article is so relevant. 

Apr 4

I’m thinking about starting a review/guide to coffee shops in SF. Just a little side project and of course, for fun. We’ll see… 

Apr 4

Sometimes, whenever I’m around pre-med students and we get into conversation about our major, future plans and what not, I find myself feeling just a little inferior. I find myself holding back things I have to say about my major (nursing with an interest in anesthesiology) and find myself aware of the fact that pre-med is harder and much more difficult. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not entitled to say that nursing school is hard and that also doesn’t mean that I’m not entitled to say that becoming a nurse anesthetist will be hard. Sure, pre-med students will ultimately spend more time in school and will experience much more academic and clinical rigor, but nursing students wanting to become a CRNA will experience a significant amount of academic and clinical rigor as well.That being said, I want to make my point so that what I’m trying to say is applicable to any major. No matter what you major in, you’re entitled to say anything about your respective major whether it be good or bad. Furthermore, this is more of a note to self, but stop comparing yourself to others.

I never thought I’d get back into dancing and actually have fun and enjoy it for once. I only wish some people (family and a few friends) could see me perform on a stage with legit choreography for the first time, but I’ll resort to sharing the video with them later. Also, who would have known I’d have such a fun time with all of these people.

Are You That Somebody? (Aaliyah Cover)

No cover will ever be as good as the original, but this is amazing. 

For some reason, this is a fitting song for the start of Spring.